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Sr. Software Engineer

Product Leader


I had the chance to work with Gonzalo and it was an incredible experience. He was leading the Product org and brought great ideas to take the Engineering-Product relationship to the next level. I’m grateful that we had this time working together as he helped me to grow my career a lot.

Head of Engineering

Product Leader


I worked with Gonza in two companies, Merlin and Rappi; he led the product strategy and vision in the teams where I worked and took them to the next level regarding user experience, conversion, and data analysis. He is a person that always thinks outside of the box, great storyteller, an invaluable mentor, is empathic with their colleagues, and is a person that contributes enormously to building a product-oriented culture in the teams.

Product Manager

Product Leader

On Deck

He is flesh and blood product leader. I witnessed him grasping complex topics with a speed of light, rocking the most difficult meetings with senior stakeholders, and making sense of the most messy and vague requirements, what especially impressed me about him.

Senior Product Engineer

Product Leader


I worked with Gonza on On Deck's payment infrastructure rebuild. He was extremely organized, and led the way from discovery, stakeholders alignment to final delivery quite quickly and effectively! Overall a pleasure to work with!

Product Owner



Gonzalo shared very insightful information that will help me shape my career's next steps. He has a lot of experience working as a PM, and his journey is very unique, which he shared with me. Highly recommended 👍

Product Manager



Gonzalo was really helpful and friendly, totally loved the session! He asked key questions and gave solid advice to help me rethink about my approach. I would highly recommend anyone to seek mentorship from Gonzalo.

Senior Product Manager

Product Leader

Wise, Rappi

Gonzalo is one of the most versatile and effective Product Managers I had the chance to discuss and work with. He can quickly adapt his strategy to the situation, knowing when is needed to be hands-on with execution, or when is needed to focus on Strategy and Leadership, delivering articulated thoughts in a very empathetic way.

Product Designer


Tumi Robotics

My first mentoring session with Gonzalo was motivating! I want to give a big shout-out to him for taking the time to share such strategic advice. Thanks, Gonzalo! I feel really pumped to do reflection and keep moving forward